Aldeir Gondim

3D Artist — Modeling, Look-dev, Motion and Post Production of Photos and Videos.

At the limit of creativity. Driven by challenges.

My name is Aldeir Gondim, a 24-year-old 3D artist.

With four years of experience in the area. In addition to dedicating myself to the world of art, I am a running enthusiast, always looking to overcome my own limits.

Outside of work, I find joy in my family and my two beautiful dogs, who bring even more love and fun into my life.

My lifestyle, my hobbies and my family are my daily strengths, as well as my inspirations and motivations to deliver excellence to my clients.

Get to know some of the brands I've had the pleasure of contributing to.

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1° Stage

Initial consultancy.

• Collection of customer requirements and information.

• Submission of budget, schedule, deadlines and conditions.

2° Stage

Planning and conceptualization.

• Collection of references and relevant information.

• Development of initial ideas and concepts.

3° Stage

Carrying out service.

• Creation of the requested demand.

• Adjustments and refinements pre-approved by you.

4° Stage

Post production.

• Carrying out post production on images/videos.

• Adjustments and refinements pre-approved by you.

5° Stage

Delivery and final review.

• Project delivery in agreed formats.

• Continuous support and guarantee of your satisfaction.

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